Two Civic Inc. Projects win the 2011 KRMCA Concrete Design Award

January 29, 2012

Both the Liberty Green Community Center in Louisville, Kentucky and the Breckinridge County Public Library in Hardinsburg, Kentucky have been selected for the 2011 Kentucky Ready-Mix Concrete Association Concrete Design Award.

Although both buildings make use of Insulated Concrete Form construction, the visual impact of each project is vastly different.

Breckinridge County Public Library’s warm, contemporary styling makes use of sleek detailing and natural finish materials. The high bearing capacity of the ICF wall’s cast-in-place concrete core provides the library with open, lofty spaces by simultaneously supporting a heavy timber roof structure while allowing for large expanses of glazing close to the roof structure’s bearing points. The resulting space is light and inspiring; most areas are washed with natural light from all sides and unencumbered by columns or load bearing walls.

By contrast, Insulated Concrete Forms complement the Liberty Green Community Center’s traditional styling by giving the building a solid, monumental appearance. The depth of the ICF wall is revealed through the use of a grand arched entrance.

Civic is honored to have received these awards, and looks forward to continuing the use of Insulated Concrete Forms in the Commonwealth.

Breckinridge County Public Library