Louisville Science Center

Louisville, KY

When the Louisville Science Center was to undergo renovations to repair extensive leaking, Jill Lewis Smith was called on to design and manage the project. The brightly colored façade, complete with vivid banners and sculptures by local artists, was initially very controversial (see editorial cartoon at left) but has gone on to become a loved local landmark.

Although the project was primarily funded to mitigate water entry and preserve the structure, as the opportunity to do more presented itself Jill was able to work with the facility director to accomplish a renewed “signature building” while completely restoring and tuck pointing the masonry and iron façade.

Jill conceived of the façade design to present the Science center as an exciting, “happening” place where children would be inspired to learn. The final color scheme was decided through extensive collaboration between Jill and local officials. In the end, Jill’s design succeeded by not only returning the historic building to full functionality, but also by attracting a large new membership base. The Science Center was able to grow significantly simply through Jill’s application of color and design.

Louisville Science CenterLouisville Science CenterLouisville Science Center