Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

Shepherdsville, KY

9,500 sq. ft.

END DATE: October 2005

The goal of the project was to design a 9,500 square foot retail space that would offer security, low maintenance, and energy efficency for our client who owns and operates the property. The interior serves as an attractive retail space yet the materials used are simple and durable. The concrete block walls, finished concrete floor, and 13 foot ascoustic tile ceiling are a backdrop for removable shelving. The high windows offer both natural light while leaving most wall space available for display and serving as a deterrent for intruders. The roof trusses span 75 feet to allow a column free interior. Energy efficient detailing resulted in walls and roof assemblies with an approximate R-value of R-30. The entire project was completed on a budget of about 75 dollars a square foot.

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