Breckinridge County Health Department

Hardinsburg, KY


Cindy Bandy

Breckinridge County Health Board


Phase 1 completed January 2010

Phase 2 completed February 2012

In 2008 the Breckinridge County Health Board decided to relocate to a site formerly owned by Hardinsburg Baptist Church. The first phase of the project involved the renovation and repurposing of the church fellowship hall and classrooms for use as Health Department facilities. Civic provided design services for this phase, and the 12,000 square foot building received all new finishes, furniture, and electrical and equipment upgrades.

After a short time, it became clear that the adjacent sanctuary would not be salvageable due to years of disuse and neglect. Given the sanctuary’s status as a local landmark, Civic proposed that the sanctuary be transformed into a public garden in a second phase of construction rather than undergo complete demolition. The original foundation wall of the church has been maintained as a garden wall, and is intended to stand as a memorial to a place that remains important in the hearts of community members.

To show appreciation for the large amount of work that Civic has been privileged to do for the community of Hardinsburg, the design and construction administration services for the second phase have been provided free of charge. While Civic is a for-profit business, the company strives to give back when possible to our repeat clients.

Breckinridge County Health DepartmentBreckinridge County Health Department