Muldraugh Safe Room

Muldraugh, KY

6,150 sq. ft.

$1.2 Million


Joseph Noon

City of Muldraugh Mayor


Start Date: February 2013

End Date: December 2013

The City Of Mudraugh, KY contracted with Civic in June 2009 to prepare a study and FEMA grant request for a "Safe Room" or storm shelter for their small community. Civic worked with the Mayor, staff, City Council, Lincoln Trail Area Development District Representative and state FEMA officials, to pull togeter a program, plan, and budget, as well as research and write a compelling argumnet for why Muldraugh desperately needed a storm shelter. The state approved the application in 2010, and FEMA aproved the application in 2011 The program is 87% funded through FEMA grants. In 2012 FEMA finally made the funds available, and released us to design the building and prepare construction documents, Prior tp building the project we were required to achieve HBC approval, and a secondary FEMA approoval showing that this building is fully complies with FEMA 361 requirements. The building is the largest safe room in the state the state, as well as serves the Muldraugh Community as a Community Center and meeting hall.

Crittenden County Emergency Operations Center