FFA Leadership Training Facility

Dining Hall Renovation and Addition

Hardinsburg, KY

4600 sq. ft. existing building footprint

7600 sq. ft. building footprint after addition

$32 million


Keith Bohart

Project Manager, State of Kentucky Division of Engineering

and Contract Administration


Dr. Pete Dreisbach

Director, FFA Leadership Training Camp


Start Date: July 2010

End Date: July 2011

The FFA Leadership Training Camp’s needs for foodservice capacity had grown beyond the capabilities of its dining hall. In order to bring the facility up to speed, a 3000 square foot addition to the dining areas was needed, as well as a complete new kitchen.

Civic’s design solution allowed for this expansion of square footage despite tight site restraints while fitting seamlessly into the existing architectural style already found across the FFA campus. Great expansions to the building’s mechanical equipment were effectively concealed from public view, and the interior and exterior finishes of this beloved dining hall were preserved in all areas.

FFA Dining Hall
FFA Dining Hall
FFA Dining Hall FFA Dining Hall